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Too, Too Busy

I have to apologize. I have been terrible about getting back to people and have finally shrunk my tutoring hours to be more manageable. In November of last year I took a substitute job that was supposed to be relatively limited. If you are following the news at all, you know that teaching right now is in a bit (no, a big) crisis. I immediately got assigned to take over a class where a teacher had quit. What I thought would be an 8-4 position has become a full scale teaching job with 130 students.

To the parents who have reached out in the last few months looking for tutoring, I am really sorry. I've been just drowning in work getting up to speed teaching 8th grade Literacy. I'm trying to keep up with the few long term families I tutor for right now but I just can't take on new clients.

This has been a boon for me financially but as almost every teacher in the country will tell you, it ain't much fun. I will be more available come June. And I am definitely hesitating over whether to continue teaching next year. This whole thing is hard.

middle school students sit at desks and look at their teacher who is in front of an interactive white board
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